When working at home with students, we want the kids to be engaged and not feel like they are being forced to do “extra work”. Games are a great way to spend time with your child, help them practice their skills and they generally really enjoy playing the games. One of way to decrease stress and still practice concepts is to play a game that is simple enough that they can do the work on their own. You don’t want it to be too simple or they will get bored. Also, when working at home the less equipment required, the better the chances are that you will actually be able to play the game with your child. Here are some simple, yet fun and effective ways to practice math facts for fluency.

Double Down – Addition

This game focuses on being able to find near double facts. The reason we use near double facts or double facts is for quicker mental math. When students are able to determine near or double facts they are able to add larger numbers quicker in their head. Try this game from Tech Turtle Teacher to practice this concept.

Get the resource here:


This game is a must have at home. It is super easy to make, easy to store, and you can use it for any concept. Jillian Starr Teaching has done a fantastic job in explaining how the game works. All you’ll need is popsicle sticks and a sharpie.

Go to to see how the game works and how to create it for various types of content.

Multiplication Squares

As a teacher, I have found that multiplication is one of the easiest concepts for student to learn but one of the hardest to remember. Quick multiplication skills require memorization. This is not necessarily something that students enjoy but it is necessary as they continue through their schooling. In order to practice memorization, this Multiplication Squares version from games4gains is a perfect way to have fun at home. (Tip: use a sheet protector and whiteboard markers in order to reuse the same game board.)

To download their free game version go to: