Literacy games are a bit more tricky at home than math games because there are so many literacy concepts to be covered. Some students will practice letter sounds, some will practice sight words, and some will practice vowel patterns. These concepts are much more specific to a child than just practicing numbers. Therefore, it is important to connect with your child’s teacher on what concept they’re working on or you can always refer to sight words. Sight words are words that are very common when reading. Here are some games that can be worked on at home that are engaging and fun.

I Have Who Has…

This game is one that can be used for LOTS of different concepts. Primary Playground has a resource for rhyming words. Rhyming words seems very simple but it can sometimes be tricky. Rhyming is generally focused on in Kindergarten and grade 1 but it can always be practiced to reinforce beginning and end sounds.

Find this printable resource at:

Four in a Row

Four in a row is a great game that has been used for many concepts. This resource from The Measured Mom has varied levels of sight words to pick from. You can go to which grade your child is an print off a few sheets. (Tip: use a sheet protector and whiteboard markers to colour in the circles to be able to reuse this resource).

Find this printable resource at:

Sight Word Spin and Cover

A quick and effective game for practicing sight words is a spin and cover game. I found this great resource from What I have Learned where she provides a wide variety of spin and cover games. These games are easy to print out and can be reused.

Find the resource to spin and cover here: